Drowning in clothes

It’s amazing how a few hours during a power cut can spur you into action.

This evening, with no Internet, no TV, no Blu-Ray player on which to watch a film, I decided, once and for all, to conduct a clothes audit.

I know, I had a sort out before Operation Threadbare. I had another sort out when I started it. I had a further sort out before the swish. Let’s be clear. These meant nothing. I was kidding myself.

My wardrobe(s) is(are) still bursting at the seams. I still have clothes hanging in there which I never wear, and which don’t fit me properly, or don’t suit me. Somehow, I still can’t bear to part with them.

Tonight is the night.

Here comes the full – unedited – audit. How long have you got?

Jeans – eight pairs
Trousers – three black (two smart, one casual), one white, one brown, one blue.
Mid-length trousers – three pairs
Leggings – five pairs
Checked shirts x 3 (how/why do I own three checked shirts? I need help)
Vests – fourteen
Play suit – one
Camisoles – three white, two black, one brown, one grey
T-shirts – seventeen
Long sleeve tops – eleven
Polo shirts – four
Football shirt – one
Blouses – six
Skirts – nine
Waistcoat – one (I have never worn this for the record!)
Cardigans – eleven
Jumpers – nine
Fleeces – seven
Sweatshirts – one
Jackets – eight
Dresses – thirty-seven short and five long
Shorts – four
Mac – three (red, black, cream)
Body warmers – two
Coats/outdoor jackets – five
Scarves/wraps – sixteen
Pyjamas – seven pairs
Slippers – three pairs
Woollen scarves – three
Woollen hats – four (not including stuff stored with skiwear in loft)
Gloves – eleven pairs (not including those stored with skiwear in loft, or sailing/cycling/running gloves)
Belts – 31 (I am aghast at this figure!)
Bras – I couldn’t bring myself to count these, or my knickers, but I must have at least twenty sets, if not more.
Socks – twenty pairs and 3 odd socks
A whole storage box full of tights (I didn’t have the energy to count all of them)
Shoes – twenty in my wardrobe. Eleven pairs under my bed. I’ve just thrown a pair in the bin as well (snapped sole). Two pairs of walking shoes. Bearing in mind I counted more than 70 way back in January, I’m claiming this as a small victory.
Boots – nine (not including Hunters or snow boots)
Sports footwear – five (plus one pair of windsurfing shoes???)
Sunhats – two
Bikinis – six out, and the rest are in the loft, taking up a suitcase. I must have at least 20.
Wetsuit – one (Dan beats me here; he owns two!)
Tri-suit – one
Running shorts – six
Running tights – two
Cycling shorts – one
Running/sports tops – seventeen
Running jackets – four
Sports bras – five
Walking trousers – three pairs
Track suit bottoms/ sweat pants – three pairs
Handbags – ten (I have drastically reduced these) I also found two unused Radley handbags, and three unused Radley purses, in addition to my own purse).

Oh, and there’s stuff in the washing machine, tumble dryer, and laundry basket that I haven’t even counted yet …

I’m not quite sure what to do with this information. I don’t even know whether this is a normal amount, or an obscene amount of clothes? Looking at it all written down, I feel like it’s quite a lot. I obviously never wear a lot of this stuff, and I can,t believe it’s taken me until now to figure this out.

I need to mull this over.

By the way, turns out the power cut was just our house; all the rain had tripped the electrics beneath the pond, which had in turn tripped our power. But at least my evening wasn’t wasted …

12 thoughts on “Drowning in clothes

    1. Hi Nic, I’m certain I have fewer clothes than before, but why does my wardrobe never seem to get any emptier? It’s like the ever- expanding universe. I mean I haven’t shopped in six whole months – I am defying the laws of physics!

  1. Er… Wow!!! 37 short dresses?!!

    What can we learn from this? I need to go shopping!!!!!! I’m tempted to do an audit of my own sometime…

    1. Haha, that was not the lesson, and you know it!!! I found another dress and two more running tshirts in the wash this morning. My wardrobe is multiplying.

  2. Oh, golly gosh. I found myself in this predicament last year. I hadn’t purchased anything new in 2 years, so I just bagged up the whole lot and started fresh. The only way to go if you can afford it. There must be some very happy people out there who got expensive items for no more than $5 (at my church’s bargain shop).

    Happy trails to you!

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